Official Announcement
We would like to confirm the succesfull integration of the Panasonic AK-UB300 4K Camera into the Cineflex. After being the first one to integrate a HD camera into a helicopter gimbal back in 200(9) we are really proud to also be announcing this switch to 4K for Cineflex®.

We have collected frequently asked questions regarding this and attached them with answers below.

3-Memory multi cut out enables you to already use 4K for FullHD Broadcast. You won't miss anything from now on.

Multi View and In-Picture panning, thanks to twice the resolution.

Who needs 4K live production equipment?

The Formula1, Formula-E, SKY and many other big players already demand a 4K production workflow for 2017.


Is 4K necessary?
2017 will be the year a lot of channels and events will be broadcasted in 4K. It is no longer a thing of the future, 4K is already there

Live Output?
The Panasonic UB-300 will output both 4K and FullHD simultaneously through HD-SDI.

Data Sheets?

You can find the official Data Sheet for the Panasonic UB-300 here.

Any Restrictions?
Special build? Technical Restricitons?

Lead time?

We will need around 2 weeks for the completion of the 4K Integration.

Rough Numbers/How Much?

We estimate the integration costs to be settled at around.

Where to be made?

This 4K conversion will be made in our facilities in Munich, Germany.

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