Official Smart Payload Technology(TM) Conversion for Cineflex® V14 Series

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 Officially licensed conversion for Cineflex® V14 Series to the new smart payload technology?, interchangeable payloads with mating connectors for cable free installation and gps horizon roll fix. Including 1 year of full warranty and full preservation of all licensing by General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies.

- new slipring with optical fiber path and coax contacts
- new inner gimbal with higher stability and improved speed
- new interfaces for future proof additional applications
(for example geo points, tracking etc.)
- optional Geo-pointing, rich geospatial metadata, augmented reality, street smart mapping system with internal Inertial Navigation System
(increased accuracy)
- smart payload technology? for interchangeable payloads
(7min lens change, 5min camera change)
- prebalanced and aligned lens frames
(1x camera frame and  1x lens frame included)
- update to latest software
- ITAR licensing
- Temperature range: -20C to +50C *camera and lens dependent

Supported Cameras:
RED  Epic, Dragon, Weapon and Helium 8K
SONY  HDC-1500, HDC-1500R, HDC-2400L, HDC-2500L +more
Ikegami  HDL-F31, HDL-F30, HDL-F3000
ARRI  Alexa XT M
NEC  NC-H1200ir (HS)

Supported lenses:
Angenieux Optimo
Canon Cinema Series
Fujinon Premiere PL/Cabrio Series
Canon B4 mount ENG Series
Fujinon B4 mount ENG Series
Zeiss Master Primes






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