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Day/Night Observation System for Land Applications

The SHAPO-Land is a compact Day/Night observation system especially configured for land patrol vehicles and marine patrol boat applications.

The SHAPO-Land is a new unique design for a very light weight payload with long range cameras.
The payload turret is flexible for mounting sensors or cameras defined by the customer.
The SHAPO-Land is easily integrated onto a wide variety of carrying vehicles due to its flexible configuration, making it suitable for most airborne requirements.
The SHAPO-Land has a wide range of communication interfaces to the host vehicle including RS-422, ARINC 429 (optional) and MIL-STD-1553 (optional).
The SHAPO-Land is operated by a ruggedized Control Unit (CU) specially designed harsh environmental conditions and comfort of use.
The SHAPO-Land system can be supplied with a ruggedized video display (10.4? or 12?).
Built-in automatic target tracker, image enhancement algorithms, continuous electronic zoom and picture in picture are a few of the benefits offered in this compact package.


- Land patrol vehicles applications
- Three (3) Gimbals, Gyro-stabilized
- Sensors:
   - Thermal Imaging with 320 mm focal length (Continuous Zoom Lens x15)
   - High Sensitivity CCD Camera with x22 Zoom Lens
   - Optional Eyesafe Laser Range Finder
   - Optional Laser Pointer
- High performance and low size/weight:
   - Light weight ? 10.7 kg (Turret)
   - Compact ? 24 cm
- Ruggedized for ground environment applications
- Automatic Target Tracker
- Image Enhancement (Built-in) and Local AGC capabilities
- Customized graphics superimposed on video
- Very cost effective


- Border Patrol
- Coast Guard and Sea Patrol
- Police Multi Mission
- Search and Rescue (SAR)
- Anti-terrorist Surveillance
- Anti-smuggling Surveillance
- Oil Spill Detection
- Oil Pipeline Patrol.


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