Universal K-Mount MAXI

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Mount your stabilized camera system everywhere safely.
Cars, Ships, anything that moves or needs to hold a gyro stabilized system in place.

Read this full article on the K-Mount here: http://www.acse-gmbh.de/K-Mount-MAXI-1
See the demonstration Video here: https://youtu.be/UQmD1cazZoU

Tool free mechanism for mounting. Compatible with every gyro stabilized camera system available worldwide.
- tool free operation
- extended mounting bracket for bigger camera systems
- up- and down configurable mounting plate
- thread holes 2,25", 4,8", 5,5" and center hole
supporting: Cineflex, GSS, Shotover, Flir, Wescam, AV mountDynaX5 (with adaptor)

- variable damper length and positioning
- swapable damper options
- oil based or air based damper options
- all dampers can be adjusted in both directions (up- and down) to ensure perfectly smooth shots
  >> remote to also adjust the damper degrees from inside a vehicle is sold seperately
- payloads up to 180kgs

- milled out of solid blocks of hardened aircraft aluminum (extreme strenght)

50Kg weight
130cm x 49,4cm x ca. 65,1cm
Manufactured in Munich, Bavaria.


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