Battery Switch Box - with seamless Hot Swap function

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The Battery Switch Box is a flexible and compact way to make your camera power supply hot swapcapable.

Intelligent seamless switching between two DC inputs and micro processor controlled LED power status display. Use your existing batteries to power your camera while swapping the battery (cable not included) or use the BSB to input a great variety of sources into your camera.

Perfect fit for gimbal, steadycam and shoulder applications - way less weight than traditional hot swap solutions! Mounting is made easy with the integrated 15mm rod clamp and the convenient 1/4" mounting hole. Seperately sold camera cables guarantee you to stay updated to every new camera available on the market.

Milled out of one solid block and reliable Lemo® Connectors en sure the highest standards for the toughest applications in the field.

2x Lemo 2 Pin IN (f)
2x Lemo 2 Pin OUT (f)
15mm rod clamp
1/4" mounting hole

Green > 14V | Orange < 14V
Red < 12,5V | Red (flashing) < 12v
Red & Green (flashing) > 16,8V

Made in Bavaria


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