K-Mount MAXI


Dear beloved Rotoheads and Gyrothusiasts,

did you ever put electronics, worth a couple hundred thousands on a cheap DIY mount, hoping that everything will go right? Horrible to imagine something could go wrong.

But over the past decade there were quite some cases, where exactly this happened, leading to heavy repairs or even complete destruction of high end camera systems. Bottom line is: You don't want to go cheap on everything that is between your camera and the ground.

We took our numerous experiences forward and designed the K-Mount Series. Now this series supports even heavier models, like the GSS 520, Shotover K1 and many more. For lighter Systems like the Cineflex® or DynaX5 there is our incredible Universal K-Mount covering the shock absorbing needs. The K-Mount Series  is fully customizable and secures your valuable gyro stabilized system, making your investment more versatile and enabling you to cover a larger variety of events and jobs.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this read.

Saving time on calibration and set up
How easy is it to operate?

Time frames are getting tighter, budgets smaller and you are challenged by this every day. Thanks to the new Quicklock system you won't have to carry tools for the basic operation of the K-Mount MAXI. Just pull the pins, swap the head and keep shooting. Fast and reliable.

Additional 8 handles for easy transport and installation and the prebalanced
Read how our clients think about it:

User Story
We already delivered the first 2 models to Gamma Engineering in Dubai. Their high demands and professional work environments challenged any other mount and even broke some. But the MAXI now enables them to get a reliable and controllable result for any application. ranging from broadcasting races, up to feature film productions. The mount covers all of their camera systems and requirements.

>> You can watch the K-Mount MAXI with a GSS 520 in action here.


Dampers, springs, shimmings, adapters and spare parts

The challenges of the future won't wait for us to be ready. So we prepare any of our products to be future proof and customizable to your needs.

On the K-Mount Series you can choose between different dampers, springs and shimmings to adapt to the payload your client demands. With alone the mechanical strength for up to several tons of force the K-Mounts are ready for your challenges. | Finest tuning race motorcycles Adding the professional damper Series by ÖHLINS you get a german engineered masterpiece. Reliability for your investment.

Stability and lateral movement

The biggest challenge for filming on hard terrain are the high forces being applied to the mount. To cancel out the hard gravital acceleration the MAXI uses a high tech ÖHLINS damper, which are known for prestigious applications on high performance tuning race motorcycles.

Against the lateral forces the reinforced design with the torsion resistant counterforts works it's magic. The technique known for architectural masterpieces tackles the extreme lateral movements. On first sight all the engieering applied on the design is invisble. But the MAXI is real high tech milled out of solid 7075-T6 hard coated aluminum. A masterpiece with unmatched stability.

What has the MAXI to offer?

  • tool free operation  
  • extended mounting bracket for bigger camera systems
  • up- and down configurable mounting plate
  • thread holes 2,25", 4,8", 5,5" and center hole
    (various adapter plates available)
  • wide range of dampers, spring and shimmings
  • prebalanced Mount
    (doesn't tip if not loaded, easier handling)
  • dual flow adjustability
    (rebound, compression, preload, fine adjustments, flow control)
  • milled out of solid block of hard coated 7075-T6 aluminum (extreme strength)
  • 50Kg total weight,  130cm x 49,4cm x ca. 65,1cm

This is too much for your application?
We are also offering the Universal K-Mount for Systems with up to 50kg for only 7.999,-€.
>> Click here for more Info

We trust in our products
...and so do our clients all over the world. ACSE is an established manufacturer, service provider and full system integrator for gyro stabilized camera systems. We are known for extraordinary developments, fast and reliable on location emergency repairs and our long experiences in the film, broadcast, electronic, mechanical and aerial industry.

This is why we give a full year of warranty for any of our products. We want our customers to thrive and last in this ever-changing industry. Due to our own production facilites we are able to deliver spare parts and modifications including the first series models for any of our product lines.

Do you have special requirements, are in need for a strong maintenance partner or are you seeking for a custom solution? >> Contact us now.


What is the total weight of the Mount?
The K-Mount MAXI weights 50kg/110lbs in total. If you are searching for a lighter, but equally strong alternative
we suggest you to look at the K-Mount.

What is the maximum payload?
Maximum Payload for the K-Mount MAXI is depending on the damper and spring combination being used. The standard payload for the MAXI is 180lbs, but as stated above is configurable through the damper and spring options.

How do you mount the K-Mount on a car/boat/ATV?
Any K-Mount product gives you several mounting points on the mount base. Depending on the application and forces being applied to the mount you should make sure, that all screws or other fixation tools used can withstand the planned usage.

Are there color options?
Despite the standard hard anodized black finish you have the option to choose many colors available or a powder coating with any available RAL color (not included, sold separately).

What camera systems will fit onto the Mount?
Any camera system available, including Mitchell Mount, Cineflex®, GSS, DynaX, Shotover, FLIR, L3-Wescam, Controp and many more.