Leo II stabilized Camera System with IR and Daylight Camera

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Turret: 39kg, slew rate 60deg/sec in az(360deg) and el(+20 to -105deg), fully stabilised.
Internal "black box": 8.5kg
Laptop Controller: 1.5kg

Operating temperature: -20 to +55deg C
Supply Voltage: 22-32 Vdc
Power Consumption: 280Watts nominal, 480Watts peak

Infra Red(Triple QWIP)
Camera: Triple QWIP, 3 FOV
Spectral Band: 8 to 9µm
Detector: Focal Plane array, GaAs.
FOV: Wide: 25degx19deg. Mid: 6x4.5. Narrow: .99x.74. Switching time: .5sec.
Zoom: x2 and x4 Electronic Zoom
Polarity: White/Black hot plus multi-coloured
Cooling: Integrated Stirling Cooler, approx 4-5 minutes to cool down(there is no picture until fully cooled).
Detection: Predicted, 15000m. Typical, 17000m
Recognition: Predicted, 7100m. Typical, 7500m
Identification: Predicted, 3600m. typical, 3800m
Focus: Auto/manual
Video Output: NTSC/PAL

Daylight Camera:
Type: Sony Exwave-HAD Interlinr Transfer CCD
SensorFormat: 1/3 inch type 3-CCD
Resolution: 800 TV lines
Active Pixels: 752x582. Total 440000
Minimum Sensitivity: 4 lux
Zoom: x54 (x27 with x2 switchable extender)
Focal Length: 9.5 to 512mm
FOV: min .67x.5 deg. max 35x29 deg
Video Output: NTSC/PAL
S to N Ratio: 58db


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